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Big Winner QuentinTarantino 


When I saw the picture of Tarantino aka Alexey I felt in love. What a beuatiful kitten.

He has a long body and a deep red color of his coat. 

He has a excellent profile, nice round fore head, good and excellent placed ears, strong chin and muzzle, long tail.

Good boning and a long body, a very sweet personality.

A beautiful interesting pedgree.

Thank you my dear Aleana Petrachenka that I may love this sweet and beautiful boy.







DOB 06 06 2018




 0,10 jaar



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     The parents  

 vader afonyaws1  sevilla twin pekas ws3
IC Delikates Afanya Coon Sivilla Twin Peaks

 His pedigree in Pawpeds



vader afonyaws1

 IC Delikates Afonya Coon

     wistariantale prince george

Mainewoods Ugo Boss Afonyacoon

 hugo bosafonyaws

Hadji Beycoon Bruno







Mainewoods Pagentry












Lucha Afonyacoon

 quaker unicumws2

Quaker Unicum Afontyacoon




 G Venera Afonyacoon








sevilla twin pekas ws3

Sivilla Twin Peaks




Rozenkraicer Twin Peaks

 ludvig bandcoonws1

EC. Ludvig Bandcoon

 VI twin pekas

VI Twin Peaks



tiramissue twinpeaks

Tiramissue Twin Peaks


W.Ch Vulkan Twinpeaks


E.Ch. Kunburg Bakkara



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